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About Plush LS

Plush LS is an alternative lifestyle private adult community. We offer adults 21+ the opportunity to connect with other like minded adults for friendship and more if desired. 


We welcome EVERYONE in the lifestyle community and everyone on the lifestyle spectrum. Whether you are a newbie, a veteran, a couple, single, poly, BDSM, Swinger, etc. We invite you to enjoy this lifestyle with us.  Our goal is to have FUN; safely, discreetly, and without the social cliques.


Plush LS hosts Events which are ALL INCLUSIVE, All WEEKEND events in a private luxurious upscale location. Our locations are vacation areas where you can vacation and enjoy the lifestyle at the same time. 



Plush LS Events

Plush's all inclusive events are multi-day events, Friday through Monday. So, that means sleep in on Sunday and leave when you're ready....All the way up to Monday morning. 

Our fees include overnight stays for the duration of the weekend event. A hotel is not needed unless you prefer one. Our couples get private King Suites complete with a full bathroom. Singles can either "couple up" and get a King Suite or stay in the Queen Bunk Suites with other singles. We provide meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), top shelf liquor (not beer or wine etc [byob]), a live professional DJ all weekend, transportation to and from the local airport for our guests, and armed security for everyones peace of mind.

We bring the relaxing vacation, with a hint of the lifestyle club, to you, for 3 days and nights!

One flat rate per person pays for it all!


As for our venues, we host in large Cabins, Mansion's, and beach houses. For the privacy and safety of our guests, the exact location of every event is kept private and only sent to confirmed attendees the day before the event. However, attendees may receive photos of their potential accommodations.


We at Plush LS do not release any information regarding any guest(s) or potential guests. Members and guests can expect to receive the utmost respect, courtesy, and privacy from all Plush LS representatives. 

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