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Pool & hot tubs open 24 hours.

 •please replace covers if last out so the hot tub stays hot 

 •please don't take glass bottles or containers to the pool area. 


Kitchen open 24 hours.

 • Refrigerators full of food

 • snack trays out to provide lunch and snacks

 •you are permitted to bring your own beverages and snacks/foods. Make sure they are labeled. 

 •everyone is requested to help keep the kitchen area clean. If you dirty it, clean it or place in dishwasher. 

Meals provided will be as follows:


-Breakfast w/beverages provided Saturday and Sunday morning.


-Lunch will be provided through grocery items shopped on Friday.


-Dinner w/beverages and desert provided Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening. 



Bar open 24 hours with self service

 •Liquor and mixers provided

 •All Plush provided liquors are to stay in the common area for all guests to enjoy. 

 •Beer, seltzers, wine, etc are BYO... So if you didn't bring the beer, wine, Seltzers, don't consume them.


Washer/Dryer on site

 •Laundry Detergent & softener not provided 

  •Please be mindful of others wanting to use the washer/dryer. 



 • Sex games throughout the event if persons want to attend 

 • If a specific activity is requested (I.e. gangbang, bukake, etc) contact Khalil. He will coordinate your desires if possible.



  • If Transportation is needed go and/from the local airport, please notify the host so arrangements can be coordinated properly. 

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