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  1. Safety 

  2. Safety 

  3. Safety

  4. Respect others as you want others to respect you. 

  5. No means No

  6. Do not push your agenda on someone else. This means no stalking / harassing guests for play. Not everyone is for you. 

  7. No judgement zone. If you pass judgement or like to talk shit about other members, you’re in the wrong group. 

  8. No smoking inside building.

  9. We are all grown. Protection is between you and your partner. Respect your partners wishes. 

  10. No puncturing condoms or “Stealthing”. If you don’t know what this is…don’t pretend to be using a condom nor remove said condom mid-fuck. Again, respect your partner. If this is your character, find another group/party. 

  11. Public Playroom doors stay open at all times.

  12. No weapons (guns, knives) allowed inside the building. 

  13. No pictures or videos without consent. 

  14. Zero drama…check it at the door 

  15. No fighting and no bullying. 

  16. Pick up after yourself…condoms, wrappers, cups, plates, etc. We are not your parents or hired help. 

  17. If you are a squirter, place protection in the area you are playing in. 

  18. Know your limits with alcohol and/or other party “favors”.

  19. No unapproved or unexpected guests.

  20. 420 friendly but no “hard drugs” allowed.

  21. Beer and wine are BYO. Make sure you label your items. 

  22. If it’s not yours or offered as a Plush LS amenity, don’t touch it or take it. 

  23. Plush offers all-inclusive events including Lodging, Top Shelf Liquors, and Food while at our events. You cannot take the lodging with you when you go home so don't take the food and liquor with you either. The amenities provided are for guests while attending the event and such items are the property of Plush LS.

  24. No lingering, dancing, or fucking in the kitchen/food prep area. 

  25. If you have questions, ask. 


Plush LS reserves the right to remove, or have removed, and subsequently banned from all Plush LS Events, any persons without reimbursement of any fees for violating these rules.

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